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Frequently Asked Questions

Directions to the range?
The store and range are located 2 blocks north of University Mall in Orem at 953 S State St. We are in the old Van Wagenen building.  

What type of gun and calibers can I shoot?
Any gun, any caliber. 50 BMG is permitted in the VIP lane.
Shotgun slugs and no steel core ammo please.

What is included in my membership? Any hidden fees?
Depending on your level of membership you get unlimited access to the range along with the requisite number of quest passes per year.  Memberships also include discounts on ammo, accessories, gun rentals, training and waived transfer fees. There are no hidden fees.

Do you offer Concealed Carry Classes other shooting classes? Yes, these are offered on a regular basis in the evenings and on Friday and Saturdays. We also offer basic and advanced handgun and rifle training classes as well. 

​Is your range safe? Our range is the most secure and comfortable range in the industry. Our shooting stalls are over 7 feet deep and extend 3 feet beyond the shooting table. This way you have almost no interaction or discomfort caused by anyone shooting next to you. Other ranges allow the adjacent shooters gun blast and shell ejects to enter directly into your shooting stall. Not so with our range. Our extended side walls keep you completely protected from all adjacent muzzle blasts providing the safest and most comfortable shooting experience possible.
Tell me about the range?
There are 9 lanes. 8 standard lanes and 1 private VIP lane. The VIP lane is over 6 feet wide and is separate from the other 8 lanes. You enter through a second glass door providing complete privacy from the other shooters. It has a work table and guest chairs. You can easily have 2 or 3 others join you in the private VIP lane. This is the ideal lane for a full family shooting activity with kids and grand kids.

Is membership required?
Membership is NOT required.  You can pay as you go but if you’re a regular shooter the best deal is to buy a membership or a monthly pass. Members get free access to the VIP lane, discounts on gun transfers, purchases and training courses make having a membership a smart purchase that will save you money in the long run.

Is there any type of ammo not permitted in the range? Steel jacket or steel core, tracers and bird-shot are not permitted.
​How can I get access to the VIP lane? The VIP lane is FREE for members but anyone can pay a little extra and use the VIP lane if it’s available.
Store Hours for the Range? now with extended hours

10am - 6pm
Tuesday - Friday
10am - 7pm
10am - 7pm+